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    Mauritius offers a conducive environment for the development of the ICT sector. A number of initiatives have been taken by the Government with objective to strengthen the ICT sector. An appropriate legal and policy framework has been put in place to ensure proper regulation of this sector and to encourage the growth of this industry.

    The National Computer Board (NCB) is an apex institution created by Government to steer Mauritius in the information age. It was set up under Act 43 of 1988. By virtue of section 4 of the Act and of the amendments of the Act under the IT Act 1998, NCB has been entrusted with the following mission:

    • to foster the development and growth of information technology, information systems and computer related services;
    • to advise the Government on the formulation of national policies in respect of the promotion, development and control of information technology and its application;
    • to assist in the framing of appropriate national education, training and research plans in the field of information technology in order to build the necessary expertise base for consolidating the information technology industry; and
    • to recommend legislative proposals for ensuring data protection, security and other related matters.