Frequently Ask Questions

How do I apply for the Cyber Caravan facilities ?

You should submit your application for Cyber Caravan facilities by either Registered Post or Email: coach@ncb.mu or Fax: 212 4240

The IC3 course offered in the Cyber Caravans is MQA Approved.

Our two Cyber Caravans are each equipped with 25 laptops, 2 Dashboard Display Screens, 10 Raspberry Pi3, 18 10’ inches Tablets, 25 BBC Microbits, 10mbps Wi-Fi Internet connection and are fully air conditioned. The operating systems are Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu) and other software like Libre Office packages, Scratch, Microbits, Python, Microsoft Small Basis among others are also available. Our training facilities are based on office packages, initiation to coding, cyber security awareness, 3D printing, among others. Students also take hands-on experience on laptops by working on initiation to coding, code.org, scratch, Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) 45hrs course, ICT Awareness Course (2hrs) etc. We offer training to students, senior citizens, unemployed, public & private organisation officers, NGOs, and others

Everyone is welcome from school children to senior citizens, housewives and unemployed. The Cyber Caravan aims at providing ICT education to people with little or no ICT Skills.

E-Government consists in the electronic delivery of quality services to citizens and the business community whilst at the same time facilitating inter-governmental and intra-governmental exchange of information in an effective and efficient manner.

The Government Online Centre (GOC) is one main component of the e-government initiative and is the key infrastructure which enables e-government. The GOC acts as an IT infrastructure service provider for government institutions to ensure 24*7*365 secure online government services to citizens, businesses and government.

Having a business idea is a start - but you need proper planning before implementing the business idea. A business plan is important as it will help you look at the different aspects of business including financing, human resource, marketing, management of business and planning.

The NCB has developed an Online Database of ICT operators in Mauritius to provide online and updated information on operators in the ICT sector in Mauritius.