• The 3D Printing Showcase Area for the Launching Ceremony
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  • The 3D Printing Showcase Area for the Launching Ceremony



    A 3D Printing Showcase Area was set up with the aim to exhibit successful Design and Tech Projects worked out by students and educators.

    3D Printed Smart City project:
    In view to demonstrate the integration of 3D Printing Technology with IoT devices, a Smart City “maquette” was produced at the MDPA 3D Printing Centre. The 3D Printed Smart City Project consisted of 3D Printed buildings fitted with different IoT sensors, when triggered; alarm sounds and lights were activated to demonstrate real-life scenarios. In addition to buildings, the “maquette” comprised of 3D Printed street lights, which were activated when motion sensors were triggered.


    Emotion Robot project
    3D Printing Technology has been a key enabler in building casings for various projects. One of the most popular project for which MDPA provided 3D Printing Services to build casings is the Emotion Robot, made by Student A. Beeharee, a grade 10 student of St. Esprit. The Emo Robot reads different emotions from people's face and responds accordingly. The MDPA team provided its full support to the student in building his project.


    Baby Foot project
    Various Design and Tech Secondary Students have been visiting the MDPA 3D Printing Centre to seek guidance in enhancing their final-year projects with 3D Printing Technology. A Limalia, the grade 13 student, initiated the Baby Foot Project and who solicited 3D Printing services to produce players. Rod handles and other accessories for his project.


    3D Printed Teaching Aids.
    MDPA 3D Printed teaching aids for science subjects (heart and Kidney transection, chemistry molecules, and others). Following working sessions with educators,


    3D Printed parts for MSMEs
    MDPA in collaboration with FAREI produced a 3D Printed Graduator Injector Cylinder Head (GICH). This GICH is a viable part used in Greenhouses. In addition to this, other 3D Printed parts were displayed namely: 1. Pipe connectors 2. Angle support 3. Battery Casing 4. Mechanical piston model 5. Propeller 3D Model 6. Table leg model 7. Gear and others


    3D Printing Live Demos To enlighten students on the manufacturing process of 3D Printing Technology, seven 3D Printers and a 3D Handheld scanner were exhibited and operated in the showcase area.