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    The Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation has mandated NCB to restyle its cyber caravan to disseminate / showcase emerging technologies & new ict trends such as Internet of Things (IOT), Virtual Reality; Robotics; Programmable devices such as Arduino & Microbits; Programming and 3D Design & Printing. This new futuristic, digitally embraced and virtual concept has been branded Digital On The Go (DLOG).

    DLOG is being built from the existing cyber caravan structure. The interior & exterior facilities is being transformed and refurbished with necessary structures, amenities, furniture, and electrical features. The structure will also make provision for specific training space.

    NCB envisage provide DLOG services at the disposal of schools, citizens, private organisations, and others on a demand and reservation basis. DLOG services will be available as from January 2023. NCB intends to reach out 2,000 users for the financial year 2022-2023.

    New Features

    NCB also intends to incorporate new technologies, virtual concepts and power efficiency on a request for sponsorship model. These tech ideas emanates as virtual assistant like Apple HomeKit (Siri), Google Assistant, & Amazon Alexa; Holograms in Actions, Connected devices, Real time Tracking and others.

    As per the actual power configurations, the coach has to be powered through a direct electrical supply. NCB is seeking sponsorship from potential partners to solar power the bus with an estimated consumption of 3.5-5 kW to be self-sustain in power. This concept is in line with green energy efficiency.

    A concept paper will be drafted to incorporate DLOG with additional new technologies and submitted to potential public & private organisations in request for sponsorship.